Relics of our Past

We have an inherent need to collect things

to collect anything and everything- as if we’d lose it forever if we left bits behind…

There’s no rhyme or reason 

Our collections come in many forms 

We capture fleeting moments in film with hope we’ll revisit the image, the moment..

in truth, how often do we go back and treasure the time capsule we have amounted?

how often do we map out the places we have been? The people we have seen?

We line our memories and photographs in digital realms 

losing sight of the vast amounts we accumulate every day, hour, minute, second…click 


                  click we save our live’s into an invisible hemisphere we cannot feel, taste or touch…a ghost in the ether 

our captured bubbles frozen in time 

our collections’ are collages in another world 

often forgotten 

often misplaced 

sometimes unretrievable…

We collect too much

too quickly

hoarders of a new world 

like we pollute most things on this planet 

now we litter the ether 

the digital realm with forgotten relics of our past

like the lost and scattered satellites in space 

now discarded and abandoned in dark matter…

How much more do we collect and consume?  

Is there a limit to what we can contain- should contain?

We have an inherent need to collect things

to collect anything and everything- as if we’d lose it forever if we left bits behind…

There’s no rhyme or reason…

~ Copyright © yikici 2018

Darkened Shores

So it began,The swift culling of the land

A martyr

A villain

Innocent blood spilt, silence screaming out loud.
So it begins…
Atop a high tower,

Perched on burning thrones

Ashes corrupting souls

Unifying end goals
The light of man

Now a dying breed.
So hence it was decreed.
Games of lost swords

Plunged into discord

An eye

A tooth

Slayer, slew, sleuthed

To who is the hero- if the hero’s skewed?
Dark was once light

Our light overcast;

Roles have reversed

Lies well versed.

Once, said saviour- now holding a noose,

pray tell me who’s mission

Is to kill each season?

Upholding the truth, was honour and reason

Now if one speaks up, they’re taken for treason.
Where do lies end and gallantry begins?

Awaken your eyes, see past all the disguise

Before it’s too late

Unveil all the hate

Illuminate your mind

Say goodbye to blind-kind.
The swift culling of the land

Will keep if no one stands,

So rise and stand-forth

Time’s ours not those on darkened shores…
~ Copyright ©yikici 2016-infinity

Sever the Ties

Severed the ties

cords grow back

an endless cycle

forcing you to backtrack

time after time

lessons shared

you don’t know you’re taught

until it regurgitates the same

cut your losses

you need them not

but negative creatures

load you with more

unloading your burdens

in order to set yourself free

it’s as if forces against nature

wants to shackle your entire being

be who you are

you’re meant to shine

let not fear guilt you

and lose your divine

inner strength propels you

follow your heart

your soul will guide you

don’t ever fall short

sever the ties

even though they grow back

it’s all in your mindset

don’t lose your paths sight

sever the ties

grow strong in yourself

your strength is your freedom

do not fail your own worth..

~ yikici ©yikici 2017-infinity

How Dare You

You’ve taken everything from me

my life broken




Jigsaw pieces unable to fit

you scarred me so much

I know not who I am

I hate you

I hate you

I hate how you’ve messed me up so much.

You were meant to love

to care

to cherish

to protect..

you were meant to foster confidence

build relationships

not break hearts,

torture souls…

A mother you were meant to be

but you deprived me of such tender needs

I no longer know who I am

who I was.

you killed me

you smothered me

you took all of me and turned it into worthless dust.

It’s taken me years to grow

to build myself up

but I still fall

people I meet see half of me

I’m unable to be

unable to be myself when all I’ve ever wanted was to be me

I hid myself from you

but by doing that

I hid myself out of everyone’s view

How do I build myself from that?

How do I rectify everything you’ve dismantled from me?

My corseted souls’ tears freeze each time I try..

Never fully understanding why..


~ Copyright ©yikici 2017-infinity

Burning Pages

Look at me,
no, really look.
What do you see behind the burnt pages of my book?
The colour of my skin probably strikes you first
depending on the colour, it glares, soothes or freaks
Does that entice you to look deeper within?
Dare you see further through the cracks of my skin?
There’s more you know, more than just flesh and bones
there’s a soul shining bright
brighter than the darkest of tones
but you don’t see that because society dictates
dictates that you judge everyone by their ethnicity, race and state
there’s also the tick boxes we’re meant to fit in
A mould they’ve wealded for us to jump in
by looks alone, perhaps I match
every nook and cranny society ranks
but there’s embers within which has simmered and been smothered
my soul screamed loud for years to just be heard
I don’t want to fit into societys’ grave marked for me
I want to be unique and roam free
I don’t want shackles which restrains my voice
for years you’ve boxed me into shunning my worth
I’m not a number, a stat or a colour
I understand most things and in all manner
I refuse to pass as someone of your kind
Who decided white to be the supreme mind?
When you see me, do you really see?
I’m an enigma
a conumdrum
A galaxy being
I’m not you, nor are you me
so why box me into your failed category?
Ideologies come and ideologies go
people are too busy fighting unlikely foes
you think you are safe but you’re earmarked as ‘them’
in one swift turn you’re at the battle lines hem
unsuspecting as life led you to believe
you’re part of the system
the slots you fit in
don’t lie to yourself- or even to me
We’re part of the same cogs- but on differring springs
Where we all come from shouldn’t matter
Our lives, our souls are not meant to shatter.

Look at me,
no, really look.
What do you see behind the burnt pages of my book?

~ Copyright ©yikici 2017-infinity

Comets Passed

Crestfallen, stars’ bright light dimmed
Her stardust losing sheen.
How many years she waited
in hope
with faith
in dreams?
Comets passed light years ago
never returning…
Her heart abreast her longing soul
slowly capsizing.
Captivated young, tender heart
now lost in universe’s dark
shrouded by the expanse
her heartstrings waning..

~ Copyright ©yikici 2017-infinity

Midnight Broke 

Midnight, and the whispers begin whirling stars leading to forgotten terrain 

moonlight clouding paths unseen 

sailors swept silently under waves therein.
Lullabies sung

       Sirens caressing souls


                      seducing minds…young and old 

midnight befell, cruising unsung lands.
Midnight broken, eclipsed moon.

Tides drowning 

            anguished sorrows borrowed 

                 raising apparitions with quiet resolve.

Midnight spoke on death shedding ears…

Midnight spoke, 

                              not one soul heard..
M i d n i g h t








~ Copyright ©yikici. 2016-infinity 

Impasto Lies

Your smile, sweetly fixed everyday,An impasto note-filled-tears, hearts disarray,

How it harbours your core within,

A hollow taunt of what might have been;

Yet, still you mask all behind, your sweet grin.

When you tremble, none’s aware,

A cold you’ve got, you say to those who care;

None the wiser, they are to you, 

If only they knew what you’ve been though.

A friend in need, you’re the first to rush,

Provide comfort, that’s you’re only must;

Deep within, your body cries,

Though you cover them up with many white lies.

You stand tall, a pillar of strength, 

Keeping all at arms length;

You mask evading onlookers glances,

Head held high, you take your chances.

You brave the day in every way,

Ignoring facts, which you misplay;

A tortured soul, you won’t let in,

You hide deep and deep within;

Layering fakes, smoothing cracks,

A perfect vision despite true facts.
~ Copyright © Ozlem Yikici. 26.04.2013

Lullabies Wake

n echo ripped through me

silenced in the wind

no one saw, the state I was in

bubbling cauldrons, burned my core

as pennies of awareness, sprouted, drooping to the floor.

Cradled in my arm, I held your body thin

black and blue bruised, through no fault of your skin,

savages knows not how to respect, a child so dainty that heaven kept

taken from me, many years too soon

the worlds oyster to discover, yet now your life’s spent.

I want to bind you to me so my blood fuels you

hoping to awake you and not dig you a grave

open your eyes, let not my tears’ erupt

lullabies wake, in this world so corrupt.
An echo ripped through me

silenced in the wind

no one saw, the state I was in.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2016 – infinity 

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