Midnight Broke 

Midnight, and the whispers begin whirling stars leading to forgotten terrain 

moonlight clouding paths unseen 

sailors swept silently under waves therein.
Lullabies sung

       Sirens caressing souls


                      seducing minds…young and old 

midnight befell, cruising unsung lands.
Midnight broken, eclipsed moon.

Tides drowning 

            anguished sorrows borrowed 

                 raising apparitions with quiet resolve.

Midnight spoke on death shedding ears…

Midnight spoke, 

                              not one soul heard..
M i d n i g h t








~ Copyright ©yikici. 2016-infinity 

Impasto Lies

Your smile, sweetly fixed everyday,An impasto note-filled-tears, hearts disarray,

How it harbours your core within,

A hollow taunt of what might have been;

Yet, still you mask all behind, your sweet grin.

When you tremble, none’s aware,

A cold you’ve got, you say to those who care;

None the wiser, they are to you, 

If only they knew what you’ve been though.

A friend in need, you’re the first to rush,

Provide comfort, that’s you’re only must;

Deep within, your body cries,

Though you cover them up with many white lies.

You stand tall, a pillar of strength, 

Keeping all at arms length;

You mask evading onlookers glances,

Head held high, you take your chances.

You brave the day in every way,

Ignoring facts, which you misplay;

A tortured soul, you won’t let in,

You hide deep and deep within;

Layering fakes, smoothing cracks,

A perfect vision despite true facts.
~ Copyright © Ozlem Yikici. 26.04.2013

Lullabies Wake

n echo ripped through me

silenced in the wind

no one saw, the state I was in

bubbling cauldrons, burned my core

as pennies of awareness, sprouted, drooping to the floor.

Cradled in my arm, I held your body thin

black and blue bruised, through no fault of your skin,

savages knows not how to respect, a child so dainty that heaven kept

taken from me, many years too soon

the worlds oyster to discover, yet now your life’s spent.

I want to bind you to me so my blood fuels you

hoping to awake you and not dig you a grave

open your eyes, let not my tears’ erupt

lullabies wake, in this world so corrupt.
An echo ripped through me

silenced in the wind

no one saw, the state I was in.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2016 – infinity 

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Unrising Sun

Dark clouds infested bluest skies
A crow screeches one thousand lies
Unbeknown jewels glisten
As banished souls do all but listen
Hark the song no one hears
Plagued martyrs coming near
Wary eyes garnish danger
Solemnly hopeful for a ranger
Ssssssshhhhh not one word speak
Death will fall on all who’s weak
Count the crows
who’s out of place?
For who will they fly to
and chase?
Speak not a word,
do so at peril
death doth speaketh
to you and several
Dark clouds infested bluest skies
A crow screeches as thousand dies
Unbeknown jewels glisten
As banished souls do all but listen
listen they do
nothing more
ingraining silence
that’s how they lure
solemn whispers
dangerous pleas
Bespoke to each
on severed knees
Dark clouds, they pass
as once decreed
Ceremonial blessings
offered to mislead…

~ Copyright ©yikici 2016-infinity

Half-Hearted Smiles

I wore a smile upon my face
I wore it wide, felt out of place.
Glass heart inside
fractures at will
will of yours
cracks no longer heal
I wore my smile, thin and pressed
I wore it high, hiding depressed
I skipped along a jagged path
I skipped so fast,
I could not last.
The smile I wore, faded
Trapped on my face
my smile dispersed
Broken inside
no one can fix
A shattered heart
you left

~  Copyright ©yikici 2016-infinity

Wistful Goodbyes

Everything dies even a broken hearted smile
crumpled and trodden
love left,
there’s no more.
Everything dies
even tear stained goodbyes
once hopeful and alive
building invisible lies;
yes, everything dies
blue eyes…

~ Copyright ©yikici 2016

Natures’ Life Creations

Andalusian skies
Beneath it
Coral blaze
Defining all its hues
Entices creative
Gather all its notes
Hear melodies of song
Igniting imaginations
Just pure creations.
Kestrels in the air
Looping prey of theirs,
(Moments of natural fight)
Only way
-Part of its cycle
-Quelling for survival.
Reality versus fiction
So what’s your latest contradiction?
Transcending inspirational
Worry of
X-rated taboo findings?
Young minds trapped in mush
Zionistic society rush.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

Innocence of You

I cherish each moments shared
each word which pass through your cherry lips
I cherish every highs and lows
each time you cried, then said hello
I cherish the salvation you bring
not knowing the joys of what you sing
I cherish every breath you take
despite the darks, you know each fake
I cherish you, and your bravado
though bashful still, you outshine most
but the most precious gift, I cherish the most
is your innocent eyes, which light up our lives.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014

Clouds Beneath Our Feet

Upon a ledge did she prevail,
clouds beneath her feet
swimming in it, a web of lies
cruel intentions
Storms clash into her sides
she trembles standing tall
her truth
she won’t allow to crumble
supports her to not fall.
Reaching out,
she beckons me
to glide onto her path
to swim through waves
to calm the seas
to stand beside her
to see.

Not once did she speak a word
her gestures sang loud,
clearing the fog between my mind
allowing me to see humankind.

Upon a ledge did we prevail
clouds beneath our feet
swimming in it, a web of lies
cruel intentions
and deceit.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity