Splashed Treasures

Puddles line pavements like gold Unobserved by commuters on their way to work Drops from the heavens cascading Down; congregating in dips in the ground Little by little, they do align Each to their own, reflecting off Shine; Simmering waves as a ripple Explodes Little gems of quiet bubbles Deserted Dethroned. Until sweet laughter echoes […]

Eternity Shared

This is one of my first collaborations, ever, it was not intended as one; I got roped into taking part in an acrostic challenge, the challenge host wanted a steamy piece and gave us a few words to choose from, so this is what I wrote with my love, J (for anonymities sake, I have […]

Believe in your Beauty

Believe you are beautiful, inside and out (Even though you feel like, you’re falling Apart)…Believe you are beautiful Under the darkest of nights, Through all It’s blackest clouds, you bring in the light. Feel you are beautiful Unhinge all your pain, Let me wrap you in kisses and shower away your strain. ~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013 […]


Minuscule clusters fester Ever deep in my core -Living, underrated…too much, Anxious reasonings swell in Nocturnal air… Breathe. -Could be worse, so they say… Hope breeds hope -On occasions it breathes Life into our hearts, -on occasions… Yet today -my heart swells, tear drops of hope. ~ Copyright ©yikici 2013 (It’s an acrostic, check the […]

Let’s Eat Sunshine

Happiness comes in A multitude of colours, Landing is one of them Lest you feel Umbrellas more your thing? Come on you know what I mean -No, look it’s raining Angels now, it’s Time for a swim. I and you makes Orbs.  Let’s take a plunge, let’s Not delay, Sunshine mushrooms, let’s eat. ~ Copyright […]

Draco’s Throne

In a world where things were archaiC, Not one survived law of DracO, None spared by the Draconian punisheR. Oh -except the rich (crux of matteR); Chastising the poor of yoU, Emptying your blood with a traP, None survived their written pacT; Clauses to foil innocencE, Evil at your door, entrappeD. Court penance paid in […]

Moonlight Ocean

Moonlight playfully danced, twinkled On ripples of the Ocean, the stillness, evocative, yet the Night silence shivered Luminous rays (In sight the Ghost ship). Haunted by its fame, begrudged by its past The ship and it’s crew worked aggressively on the mast. Order through chaos was what the Captain knew. Evilness he sought, yet in […]