Innocence of You

I cherish each moments shared
each word which pass through your cherry lips
I cherish every highs and lows
each time you cried, then said hello
I cherish the salvation you bring
not knowing the joys of what you sing
I cherish every breath you take
despite the darks, you know each fake
I cherish you, and your bravado
though bashful still, you outshine most
but the most precious gift, I cherish the most
is your innocent eyes, which light up our lives.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014

Clouds Beneath Our Feet

Upon a ledge did she prevail,
clouds beneath her feet
swimming in it, a web of lies
cruel intentions
Storms clash into her sides
she trembles standing tall
her truth
she won’t allow to crumble
supports her to not fall.
Reaching out,
she beckons me
to glide onto her path
to swim through waves
to calm the seas
to stand beside her
to see.

Not once did she speak a word
her gestures sang loud,
clearing the fog between my mind
allowing me to see humankind.

Upon a ledge did we prevail
clouds beneath our feet
swimming in it, a web of lies
cruel intentions
and deceit.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity

Petals’ White

My petals’ are bright white
gleaming in the sunlight
dancing with light breeze
some days a Waltz
My petals’ gleam iridescent hues
drenched in rain perfume
swaying under moonlight
on tiptoes
I amuse.
My petals’ wilt in heat
sand embedded between my feet
tangled in a web of weeds
extending roots, scattering seeds.
My petals’ glisten in showers
iced dews
crystal blue
white snow embalming flowers
my petals’
in snow towers…

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity

The Golden Gate

She left a light glow in her head
Hope she called it instead of dread
She adorned it with petals, feathers and ink
She dared not to let it slip, fall or blink;
and upon a ledge she perched real still
wondering how long it would break her will
knowing that every hill she climbed
a cliff, a mountain into sublime
she wondered if her fate prevails
despite the storms, rain and hails
what if it burst the bubble-wrapped?
And the light she nursed dimmed into black?

How could she cope?
How would she hope..?

Without thinking any-more
she let her will drop onto the floor
Allowing vultures to circle in
To peck and flesh out her mortal sins
and whilst she waited for her fate
light within her glimmered in haste
clamouring over her- picking up her will
beginning to lure (for fate to seal)
that is when the penny dropped,
the hope she nourished never lacked;
instead it embalmed her with life
with hope she ventured back to the light.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity

The Depresioning Ring

Some days drag forever a noose slowly coils
entrapping forever of hopeful wills
dusting coarse charcoals on sunlit hills
casting shadows
impregnating ills.

Some days drag forever
your thoughts frozen still
fragmenting jigsaws you peacefully seal.
Days of the never blocks positive thoughts
staircases spiralling to a many lost cause.

Days of the never, will not hear your voice
it penetrates through your void with blurred noise.
Some days are the never and some blossom light,
It’s up to you to give up or fight.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity

Dangerous Games

A sanction came, knocked on my door
Serving your petition to stop my lure
Did it not occur that these things costs?
In for your pennies, I am in for your loss.

Now that you are here, please do note: pretty pleases will not buy you time to gloat
For each second requested my fees soar high
no second guessing, I tell you no lies.

In for your pennies- I am in for your losses
You owe me mega palaces not flowerbeds or mere mosses
Doing deeds for you does not come cheap
Criminal activities will not help your wife to sleep
You wanted my services.  You signed the dotted line.
Selling your soul only makes you mine.
Your account is now settled, your wife knows nowt
Now step up to my demands before I buy you out.

A sanction came, knocked on my door
Serving your petition to stop my lure
Take a moment to reconsider before my patience runs thin
Your soul walks a thinning line, only I can make you win.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity

Foreign Familiarities

Call me a foreigner,
I have no voice
My culture means nothing
Differences obscure and make no sense at all.

Call me a brother, a sister
my voice you hear
my culture embraced
differences sets us apart, but we still love one and another.

Call me a comrade
hear my voice
my culture not in the forefront
differences ensures solutions, variety- the spice of life.

Call me a friend
my voice echoes yours
my culture not a problem
differences builds bridges, common grounds cements foundations.

Call me a foreigner
I would like to be heard
My culture embraced -not singled out
differences make me, yet my core is no different than yours.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity

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Scribes Ink.


Hidden agendas – smoke screens and lies

Broaden your wars, chant freedom (watch as it dies).

Legislate away our rights and we’ll gratefully take scraps

Propagate fear, whilst we squabble over bric-a-brac.

Real issues are hurriedly pushed to one side

Whilst our big brother state grows even more wide-eyed.

The words of ‘YOUR’ media get stuck in my throat

We’ve become bitches – over which you reside and gloat.

Your political debate- an ever growing soap

how many episodes will you write to blind our hope?

A system overridden with secrets (apparently for our own good)

what hocus-pocus are you selling? What happened to all you stood?

Freedom is our choice, we are free to choose,

but what good is choice if we are lined up to lose?

Austerity you chirp- tell me who benefits from that?

Your obscure fairytale squashes the penniless flat.

Ulterior motives – con-men in disguise

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Unravelled Lock

I left a paper on your desk
A few words
in detest,
I watched you hold it
I watched you read
Your face crumpled-
pain seared through me.

Upon my heart
you inscribed a key
and gently attached a lock to see
to why I wrote it
I could not tell-
to see your heart break like a shell?
No- that’s not the reason
not ever
it just hurts me when you dwell
why take forever to figure out-
if you and I should choose wedding bells…?
And thus upon this impatient quest
my tongue unravelled (not in jest)
I did not wish to unpick our lock
Nor did I choose you to mock,
I only wanted to bind us tightly
and entwine our hearts in time forthrightly.
I was not thinking
I could not see
my words would bring you to your knees.
I now know-
it’s clear as day
I did not wish to walk away…
I am your lock,
you are my key
together we’ll be
bound eternally.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity