At a tender age, I began to write, mainly poems…a journal of my thoughts and feelings; it is these poems I would like to share with you, here on this blog…some will touch your hearts, others will possibly make you cringe and most (if not all -considering at the time), I was not versed with the fine grace of English literature, are rough around the edges*.

I have not edited them since…why?  I want to share the rawness of the emotions and thoughts, I want my words of my past life to reach out to anyone who is currently going through similar emotions of self-discovery, to show them that they are not alone, that we all go through similar situations and confusions as we grow up -as we continue to live, that there is always a future, and moments like these will only make us stronger and wiser.

This blog is my past diary (in some respect), and maybe it’s not wise to put such raw writings out into the digital ether…however, in order to reach out and make connections, we sometimes have to bite the bullet and share things which we hope will provide an insight, to comfort; therefore, here I am, sharing with you my poems, my writings of yesteryear –and my more recent scribbles; I do hope you enjoy the read and take away something with resonates with you.  Those which I share from my poem journal, will always be displayed with a photograph of the page it was written on (a good friend of mine once encouraged me to publish these poems -images and all, so hence, this is what I shall do through here -starting now, the cover of this journal is at the end of this page (I’m actually undecided about this so, for now, they will only be displayed with (or without) an image of my choosing and not of that page).

*Some of my shared poems may be written in Turkish (I have a small collection), so be warned. 😉

For any of you who would like to know who it is behind these words, here’s me in a nutshell:

Name: Ozlem (Oz) Yikici, even-though I like to go by my penname yikici; everyone just calls me Oz (Not of the wizard kind mind –or of that rock legend either).

Your background: I have a varied background, from studying Fine Art to a selection of Related Arts (English, Music, Dance, etc.).  I also have an interest in the human psyche, philosophy and psychology.  In terms of careers, I have been fortunate in working within the various sectors, including: retail, voluntary work, food hygiene, office/administration and support work.

You started to write: From a young age I started to write, mainly poems mind, it was my outlet to express myself and, in some ways, provided me a form of therapy, which I could access -just for me.  I still have the thick A4 notebook which I covered with images from magazines and tackibacked it for a professional finish (now that’s showing my age, lol).  After graduating, for reasons I do not recall, I stopped writing, it was not until about three or four years ago, did my passion for writing really spark.  I accidentally watched a film, a film which I was purposely avoiding due to all its’ hype, that film was Twilight –yes, I can now hear a million conflicting cheers and jeers coming from across the screen; but please hear me out…I am not a fan of vampire movies –or any supernatural horrors; however, Stephanie Meyer’s creativity switched on a light bulb in my head and the idea of creating stories/characters by challenging the norm excited me; this provided the much needed ammunition I needed in order to pick up my pen again and write, this time fiction.  I have not looked back ever since.

Genres you dabble in: I like mixing the pot (so to speak) and so I like to bring different elements into my writing; however, my targeted audience is usually Young Adults (YA), therefore genres I write about tend to be on the lines of fantasy, dystopian, romance, horror, supernatural, contemporary (mainly in style of writing and the use of the page itself) and elements of urban life -and I must not forget poetry.  It’s a mix, but it does bring a refreshing edge to the stories I write.

Why do you write: Writing gives me a sense of purpose, a sense of connecting the dots to who I am, what I can achieve.  It’s an escapism in many ways, when my muse knows it’s time to write, the journeys we go on are out of this world; being able to bring what I hear and see in my imagination onto paper is a humbling experience –and often, after I have written a piece, be it a blog post, poem or an addition to one of my novels; I think, ‘did I write that?’  It is extremely rewarding when it all comes together and the end product is appreciated by those who read and take something from it.

Your Aspirations: My aspirations are to be a published author one day and also have the opportunity to exhibit my paintings and photography.  I would love to work on a collaborative project (creative and otherwise) and help with humanitarian causes.

A random fact about you: I dressed up as a jester as part of a group presentation on pagan rituals in a church, at university and read out the longest speech (in high speed (wanting to get off the stage as quick as I could)); public speaking is not my forte, but I tried.

Where can we find you:

Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

Writing Related:  Wattpad, Opuss, Facebook Page, Goodreads

Art Related:  Instagram, Instacanvas

Blogs I write at:  yikici, Scribes Inkorporated, Enlightening Hearts, A Poets’ Journal, Tumblr

Miscellaneous:  Quora

Here there and everywhere (apparently, lol).

Cover of my Poem Journal (as described above):

20131003-123529.jpgCollage arranged by me, individual picture credit goes to their respective photographer; I have only cut out the images and collated them onto the page.  This image has been enhanced using Snapseed and the watermark has been added with Phonto, both are phone apps.


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    • Uh-oh, another one…😳 why do you insist on doing this to me, you know I prefer to eat humble pie and hide in a corner somewhere, (thank you for thinking of me, you are too kind) 😁 -but admit it, you ran out of people to nominate 😝✨

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