Burning Pages

Look at me, no, really look. What do you see behind the burnt pages of my book? The colour of my skin probably strikes you first depending on the colour, it glares, soothes or freaks Does that entice you to look deeper within? Dare you see further through the cracks of my skin? There’s more […]

Midnight Broke 

Midnight, and the whispers begin whirling stars leading to forgotten terrain  moonlight clouding paths unseen  sailors swept silently under waves therein. Lullabies sung        Sirens caressing souls                             seducing minds…young and old  midnight befell, cruising unsung lands. Midnight broken, eclipsed moon. […]

Impasto Lies

Your smile, sweetly fixed everyday,An impasto note-filled-tears, hearts disarray, How it harbours your core within, A hollow taunt of what might have been; Yet, still you mask all behind, your sweet grin. When you tremble, none’s aware, A cold you’ve got, you say to those who care; None the wiser, they are to you,  If […]

Natures’ Life Creations

Andalusian skies Beneath it Coral blaze Defining all its hues Entices creative Fate. Gather all its notes Hear melodies of song Igniting imaginations Just pure creations. Kestrels in the air Looping prey of theirs, (Moments of natural fight) -Nature’s Only way -Part of its cycle -Quelling for survival. Reality versus fiction So what’s your latest […]

Foreign Familiarities

Call me a foreigner, I have no voice My culture means nothing Differences obscure and make no sense at all. Call me a brother, a sister my voice you hear my culture embraced differences sets us apart, but we still love one and another. Call me a comrade hear my voice my culture not in […]

Heavens’ Words or Hells?

Speech is free, I will it to be true, but it is not… You see, society has rules, some abide by it, some abuse… Why? There’s topics galore but do take care not to bore for some are off limits and you really must be with it because if you open up the tin you […]