Natures’ Life Creations

Andalusian skies Beneath it Coral blaze Defining all its hues Entices creative Fate. Gather all its notes Hear melodies of song Igniting imaginations Just pure creations. Kestrels in the air Looping prey of theirs, (Moments of natural fight) -Nature’s Only way -Part of its cycle -Quelling for survival. Reality versus fiction So what’s your latest […]

Salvation Reigns

I have been fortunate to write with John again, you can find him over at JMC813, please do pop by and check out his writings, he’s a real talent, and a pleasure to team up with and collaborate.   I do hope you enjoy this piece, as it is something which is close to my heart […]

A Galaxy Made for Two

My heart is yours yours is mine, combined they float through the stars; igniting cosmos bringing life, creating magical, sparks. You are mine and I am yours, my heart my love my evermore; entwined stars, bright we are, twirling, embracing, singing hearts; our voices whispered echoes, explode in a quiet corner in our universe. We […]

Contrite Heart

In a fleeting moment I thought, ‘what if?’- could it be true- like a lovers kiss? Like a cloudless sky on a starry night- like wave-free seas in thunderstorms; but, a cyclone chasm- filled my breaking heart, willing it to rise to just rip it out- enjoying the tension as it flays my seams, digging […]

Hourglass Frozen

How things bled when you left When you left, a hole just grew An empty carcass, misused Buried in the depths of you. A bleeding never to subside But carry on as a river flows The absence of you overwhelms As this deepest chasm grows. Hours stall as minutes freeze Through windows pane, I search […]

The Day of Black Reckoning

Vultures descend taking what they seek a carcass left of a yesteryear rupturing spleens of what once lived now a bloodless corpse adorns plagued floors The Vultures came as did Raven black corrupting minds of what they lack A bludgeoned beast is what remains from the vultures feast the Ravens fed. ~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014

Ashes of my Soul

Unknown seas travelled On distant shores I wake. A bitter pill swallowed As a new day breaks; Holding me captive On isolated terrains; Where once you were sun-kissed skin My soul, burnt bright through ashes gone… A haunted trail left After-taste too bitter to take Yet here I am, No longer yours. Of what may […]