Sever the Ties

Severed the ties cords grow back an endless cycle forcing you to backtrack time after time lessons shared you don’t know you’re taught until it regurgitates the same cut your losses you need them not but negative creatures load you with more unloading your burdens in order to set yourself free it’s as if forces […]

Foreign Familiarities

Call me a foreigner, I have no voice My culture means nothing Differences obscure and make no sense at all. Call me a brother, a sister my voice you hear my culture embraced differences sets us apart, but we still love one and another. Call me a comrade hear my voice my culture not in […]

Heavens’ Words or Hells?

Speech is free, I will it to be true, but it is not… You see, society has rules, some abide by it, some abuse… Why? There’s topics galore but do take care not to bore for some are off limits and you really must be with it because if you open up the tin you […]

Curtains Fall

Severed, severed are these hands which bleed these hands which belong to you and me, black liquid oozes and seeps death plague they call it though I- we refuse to hear. Caught, caught are these souls which lead these souls which belong not to me, leading blindly to a cause false promises sold at- to […]

Salvation Reigns

I have been fortunate to write with John again, you can find him over at JMC813, please do pop by and check out his writings, he’s a real talent, and a pleasure to team up with and collaborate.   I do hope you enjoy this piece, as it is something which is close to my heart […]


A quiet storm reigns bubbling under her ice skin, no cracks administered her facade precise perfection; years she formulated her frame to toughen any weaknesses exposed, sometimes creases threatened delicate fractures… though she plastered those under heavily applied make-up, a decorative mask hiding evident fault-lines (her biological inheritance); her scarred, tormented past. Rarely she broke […]

Caged Pedestal

On a pedestal he lifted her- wanting to keep her safe, his actions kind- yet wrung her heart, a tattered noose hung her in place. Her lips severed tightly, bound and clasped to wait; his dark clouds soon to dissipate, she hoped- willing not to be late. Sitting on the precipice, feet dangling loose; unsure […]