Sacrificed Vows

You left me, without a fight You left agreeing, this was right I watched you leaving I dare not chase For I know It’s not my place You’re crying You don’t want this But we both know This’ not promised bliss I forced this To do right…not wrong But how do we know If this […]

Forsaken Love

It’s all gone…I know The you The I The we… It’s all gone, just like it came The bubbling sunshine’s Now torrential rain. It’s all gone..I knew it would The you The I The we not could It’s all gone…our final song My love My heart I’m torn apart It’s all gone Gone Gone it […]

A Love-take Relationship

Give some hope Take it away Tease a little Build the haze Hold my hand Lock my heart For a short time Depart, That hope won’t last. Give some hope Secure my love Nurture it Caress it’s spark You’ve left…visible marks Surrender -I do, My part. Give some hope Take it away Tease a little […]

In Remembrance

I still remember her claws digging in, twisting my skin. I still remember her roar, ill-abuse words, knocking me in. I still remember her smirk, daring me to speak -just to think. I still remember her eyes, ripping into my core, shredding my being. I still remember her promise, a knife-fuelled killing -if I failed […]

Echoes of our Souls

It slowly falters The presence we share Dips into recess That we’re not aware Wordless voids suffocates our air Your touch misses Embraces slips, distressing us bare Our parting sorrows -Undressing the melded core we’ve saved for ’morrow Pretence of how we’ve evolved -seals our bond, we soon follow. Hand in hand -wrapped souls grace […]

Harsh Realities…

On a cold, tarnished path I have to wake acknowledging my life was not in vain on this path brave I must be for the challenge is far greater than I envisioned it not knowing how you will greet not knowing of what the past years you’d dictate would you leave it all to rest […]

Fates Forbidden Proposal

I’ve got the collaboration bug (I really have -well, I’ve always had; but recently it’s been a honouring experience); as you all know, back in to the lead up to Halloween, me and Richard Ankers shared six dark collaborations for the spooky season, following that, I shared two collaborative pieces which I wrote with my […]