Sever the Ties

Severed the ties cords grow back an endless cycle forcing you to backtrack time after time lessons shared you don’t know you’re taught until it regurgitates the same cut your losses you need them not but negative creatures load you with more unloading your burdens in order to set yourself free it’s as if forces […]

Burning Pages

Look at me, no, really look. What do you see behind the burnt pages of my book? The colour of my skin probably strikes you first depending on the colour, it glares, soothes or freaks Does that entice you to look deeper within? Dare you see further through the cracks of my skin? There’s more […]

Comets Passed

Crestfallen, stars’ bright light dimmed Her stardust losing sheen. How many years she waited in hope with faith in dreams? Comets passed light years ago never returning… Her heart abreast her longing soul slowly capsizing. Captivated young, tender heart now lost in universe’s dark shrouded by the expanse her heartstrings waning.. ~ Copyright ©yikici 2017-infinity

Foreign Familiarities

Call me a foreigner, I have no voice My culture means nothing Differences obscure and make no sense at all. Call me a brother, a sister my voice you hear my culture embraced differences sets us apart, but we still love one and another. Call me a comrade hear my voice my culture not in […]

Democratic Dictator

High up on your pedestal you sit dictating to all- the speech you preach. Hiding the details ‘we need not to know’ rushing the agendas you wish to sow. Democratic votes- what good is that? When it’s ethics and morals you truly lack. Fracking our homes- is it really just? We are telling you NO, […]

Heavens’ Words or Hells?

Speech is free, I will it to be true, but it is not… You see, society has rules, some abide by it, some abuse… Why? There’s topics galore but do take care not to bore for some are off limits and you really must be with it because if you open up the tin you […]

Caged Pedestal

On a pedestal he lifted her- wanting to keep her safe, his actions kind- yet wrung her heart, a tattered noose hung her in place. Her lips severed tightly, bound and clasped to wait; his dark clouds soon to dissipate, she hoped- willing not to be late. Sitting on the precipice, feet dangling loose; unsure […]

A Galaxy Made for Two

My heart is yours yours is mine, combined they float through the stars; igniting cosmos bringing life, creating magical, sparks. You are mine and I am yours, my heart my love my evermore; entwined stars, bright we are, twirling, embracing, singing hearts; our voices whispered echoes, explode in a quiet corner in our universe. We […]