Contrite Heart

In a fleeting moment I thought, ‘what if?’- could it be true- like a lovers kiss? Like a cloudless sky on a starry night- like wave-free seas in thunderstorms; but, a cyclone chasm- filled my breaking heart, willing it to rise to just rip it out- enjoying the tension as it flays my seams, digging […]

The Day of Black Reckoning

Vultures descend taking what they seek a carcass left of a yesteryear rupturing spleens of what once lived now a bloodless corpse adorns plagued floors The Vultures came as did Raven black corrupting minds of what they lack A bludgeoned beast is what remains from the vultures feast the Ravens fed. ~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014

Broken Soul

On a sharp, thin blade I tread Wondering if I’ll ever mend Whispers clouding my mind Creating doubt in my sublime Sifting out my joy of life Filtering it with endless strife New obstacles replacing the old This was not the life I was sold My happy pill, now washed away Gathering rain for my […]

Sacrificed Vows

You left me, without a fight You left agreeing, this was right I watched you leaving I dare not chase For I know It’s not my place You’re crying You don’t want this But we both know This’ not promised bliss I forced this To do right…not wrong But how do we know If this […]

Forsaken Love

It’s all gone…I know The you The I The we… It’s all gone, just like it came The bubbling sunshine’s Now torrential rain. It’s all gone..I knew it would The you The I The we not could It’s all gone…our final song My love My heart I’m torn apart It’s all gone Gone Gone it […]