Darkened Shores

So it began,The swift culling of the land A martyr A villain Innocent blood spilt, silence screaming out loud. So it begins… Atop a high tower, Perched on burning thrones Ashes corrupting souls Unifying end goals The light of man Now a dying breed. So hence it was decreed. Games of lost swords Plunged into […]

Half-Hearted Smiles

I wore a smile upon my face I wore it wide, felt out of place. Glass heart inside fractures at will will of yours cracks no longer heal I wore my smile, thin and pressed I wore it high, hiding depressed I skipped along a jagged path I skipped so fast, I could not last. […]

System Error

Originally posted on Scribes Ink.:
? Hidden agendas – smoke screens and lies Broaden your wars, chant freedom (watch as it dies). Legislate away our rights and we’ll gratefully take scraps Propagate fear, whilst we squabble over bric-a-brac. ? Real issues are hurriedly pushed to one side Whilst our big brother state grows even more…

Toxic Pool

Submerged in a toxic pool My thoughts lie with you; Your grip, (which bound my arms) Slowly let me drop. Staring into your eyes Panic multiplies, Scrabbling -trying to to gasp Your arms, reach out to grasp, Chemicals seep, not letting go Your grip keeps slipping, Despair clouds your worried eyes, We’re no longer tripping, […]

Words of my Time

Frozen, time’s frozen Caged in a void space Frozen, time’s frozen My words out of place. Melting, time’s melting Surealness dictates Melting, time’s melting My words speculates. Boiling, time’s boiling Captive furnace Boiling, time’s boiling My words ashen surface. Cooling, time’s cooling Vast nothingness Cooling, time’s cooling My words now penniless. ~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013. […]