Impasto Lies

Your smile, sweetly fixed everyday,An impasto note-filled-tears, hearts disarray, How it harbours your core within, A hollow taunt of what might have been; Yet, still you mask all behind, your sweet grin. When you tremble, none’s aware, A cold you’ve got, you say to those who care; None the wiser, they are to you,  If […]

Foreign Familiarities

Call me a foreigner, I have no voice My culture means nothing Differences obscure and make no sense at all. Call me a brother, a sister my voice you hear my culture embraced differences sets us apart, but we still love one and another. Call me a comrade hear my voice my culture not in […]

A Galaxy Made for Two

My heart is yours yours is mine, combined they float through the stars; igniting cosmos bringing life, creating magical, sparks. You are mine and I am yours, my heart my love my evermore; entwined stars, bright we are, twirling, embracing, singing hearts; our voices whispered echoes, explode in a quiet corner in our universe. We […]

Contrite Heart

In a fleeting moment I thought, ‘what if?’- could it be true- like a lovers kiss? Like a cloudless sky on a starry night- like wave-free seas in thunderstorms; but, a cyclone chasm- filled my breaking heart, willing it to rise to just rip it out- enjoying the tension as it flays my seams, digging […]

Hourglass Frozen

How things bled when you left When you left, a hole just grew An empty carcass, misused Buried in the depths of you. A bleeding never to subside But carry on as a river flows The absence of you overwhelms As this deepest chasm grows. Hours stall as minutes freeze Through windows pane, I search […]

Ashes of my Soul

Unknown seas travelled On distant shores I wake. A bitter pill swallowed As a new day breaks; Holding me captive On isolated terrains; Where once you were sun-kissed skin My soul, burnt bright through ashes gone… A haunted trail left After-taste too bitter to take Yet here I am, No longer yours. Of what may […]