Impasto Lies

Your smile, sweetly fixed everyday,An impasto note-filled-tears, hearts disarray,

How it harbours your core within,

A hollow taunt of what might have been;

Yet, still you mask all behind, your sweet grin.

When you tremble, none’s aware,

A cold you’ve got, you say to those who care;

None the wiser, they are to you, 

If only they knew what you’ve been though.

A friend in need, you’re the first to rush,

Provide comfort, that’s you’re only must;

Deep within, your body cries,

Though you cover them up with many white lies.

You stand tall, a pillar of strength, 

Keeping all at arms length;

You mask evading onlookers glances,

Head held high, you take your chances.

You brave the day in every way,

Ignoring facts, which you misplay;

A tortured soul, you won’t let in,

You hide deep and deep within;

Layering fakes, smoothing cracks,

A perfect vision despite true facts.
~ Copyright © Ozlem Yikici. 26.04.2013


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