Darkened Shores

So it began,The swift culling of the land

A martyr

A villain

Innocent blood spilt, silence screaming out loud.
So it begins…
Atop a high tower,

Perched on burning thrones

Ashes corrupting souls

Unifying end goals
The light of man

Now a dying breed.
So hence it was decreed.
Games of lost swords

Plunged into discord

An eye

A tooth

Slayer, slew, sleuthed

To who is the hero- if the hero’s skewed?
Dark was once light

Our light overcast;

Roles have reversed

Lies well versed.

Once, said saviour- now holding a noose,

pray tell me who’s mission

Is to kill each season?

Upholding the truth, was honour and reason

Now if one speaks up, they’re taken for treason.
Where do lies end and gallantry begins?

Awaken your eyes, see past all the disguise

Before it’s too late

Unveil all the hate

Illuminate your mind

Say goodbye to blind-kind.
The swift culling of the land

Will keep if no one stands,

So rise and stand-forth

Time’s ours not those on darkened shores…
~ Copyright ©yikici 2016-infinity


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