Midnight Broke 

Midnight, and the whispers begin whirling stars leading to forgotten terrain  moonlight clouding paths unseen  sailors swept silently under waves therein. Lullabies sung        Sirens caressing souls                             seducing minds…young and old  midnight befell, cruising unsung lands. Midnight broken, eclipsed moon. […]

Impasto Lies

Your smile, sweetly fixed everyday,An impasto note-filled-tears, hearts disarray, How it harbours your core within, A hollow taunt of what might have been; Yet, still you mask all behind, your sweet grin. When you tremble, none’s aware, A cold you’ve got, you say to those who care; None the wiser, they are to you,  If […]

The Depresioning Ring

Some days drag forever a noose slowly coils entrapping forever of hopeful wills dusting coarse charcoals on sunlit hills casting shadows impregnating ills. Some days drag forever your thoughts frozen still fragmenting jigsaws you peacefully seal. Days of the never blocks positive thoughts staircases spiralling to a many lost cause. Days of the never, will […]

Curtains Fall

Severed, severed are these hands which bleed these hands which belong to you and me, black liquid oozes and seeps death plague they call it though I- we refuse to hear. Caught, caught are these souls which lead these souls which belong not to me, leading blindly to a cause false promises sold at- to […]

Fates’ Seal

Falling in circles diameters expand, a spinning top whirling- at whose command? Steps to enlightenment, drop with each girth of the wheel; freedom is sold with reigns which are concealed. Sinking in quicksand, a hand grasps tight, pulling- yet pushing, deceiving our plights. Free to be living. Is that really true? Or perhaps ’tis our […]

The Mirrors’ Reign

Originally posted on Scribes Ink.:
Where the trees unfold like ravens claws, twigs of talons clinging to crimson weeds. Spectres whisper to weeping winds, forcing gales to resurrect dams to soil hopes and dreams. Where clear water flows, runs the blackest ink, purging angels from demonic wings; reflections mimic a looking well, distorted visions adorns…