Salvation Reigns

I have been fortunate to write with John again, you can find him over at JMC813, please do pop by and check out his writings, he’s a real talent, and a pleasure to team up with and collaborate.   I do hope you enjoy this piece, as it is something which is close to my heart […]

Hourglass Frozen

How things bled when you left When you left, a hole just grew An empty carcass, misused Buried in the depths of you. A bleeding never to subside But carry on as a river flows The absence of you overwhelms As this deepest chasm grows. Hours stall as minutes freeze Through windows pane, I search […]

Ocean Blues

Originally posted on Unzip These Lips:
Deep under the ocean blue On a sandy bed of you Star-lights pierces through Illuminating the murky hue. There’s nowhere I’d rather be Than looking out to sea As you sit here with me Enjoying each other’s company. Waves bubbling above the surface Twilight glistening its curves Side by…

Eternity Shared

This is one of my first collaborations, ever, it was not intended as one; I got roped into taking part in an acrostic challenge, the challenge host wanted a steamy piece and gave us a few words to choose from, so this is what I wrote with my love, J (for anonymities sake, I have […]

Fates Forbidden Proposal

I’ve got the collaboration bug (I really have -well, I’ve always had; but recently it’s been a honouring experience); as you all know, back in to the lead up to Halloween, me and Richard Ankers shared six dark collaborations for the spooky season, following that, I shared two collaborative pieces which I wrote with my […]

Hues of You

Originally posted on Scribes Ink.:
With my paintbrush, I paint the sky, A turquoise blue streaming high. I brush in a lemon hue, Then I catch a glimpse of you.   A perfect apparition, lighting up the scene. Your eyes outshine the sun, with the way they gleam. My hearts beating like a drum, but…


Originally posted on Enlightening Hearts:
Where once united, our band diminishes, Forced to leave by power of hand By the governess of land In worlds we no longer understand – Masterpieces untitled. Melodies unfinished. Forced to quit We had to disband, Into foreign land. Is this the way they planned? – Utopia painted pictures Glorifying…

The House at the Top of the Hill

Originally posted on Richard M. Ankers – Author:
Here is the last of the Ozlem Yikici and Richard Ankers Halloween collaborations. We genuinely hope you like it. Please don’t forget to check out A Poet’s Journey @ Spectres line a misty path Forcing steps to deaden worlds An eerie house, upon a hill Beckons…


Boooo to you all (Happy Halloween)…here’s the fifth instalment of our collaboration (yep, me and Richard Ankers -who else (do check out his blog too)). I know you’re looking forward to it, so let me leave you with this eerie tale (yes it’s a poem). Disclaimer: Possibly disturbing content (we do not condone or glorify […]

Sacrificed and Slaughtered

Originally posted on Richard M. Ankers – Author:
Welcome back. Here is the penultimate Ozlem Yikici and Richard Ankers Halloween collaboration. We genuinely hope you like it. Please don’t forget to check out A Poet’s Journey @ Thank you. Jagged lightening forks the sky As grumbling gods make presence felt. Obsidian night in temporary light Hides shadows…