The Day of Black Reckoning

Vultures descend taking what they seek a carcass left of a yesteryear rupturing spleens of what once lived now a bloodless corpse adorns plagued floors The Vultures came as did Raven black corrupting minds of what they lack A bludgeoned beast is what remains from the vultures feast the Ravens fed. ~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014 […]

X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot. But what spot may that be If its been hidden away for centuries? A treasure spot? Or a Place to find a buried mystery? Are pirates the only ones with the keys? How do they know? Where do they go? Was the mapped parchment the way to find loot buried in […]

The Candles’ Curse

Originally posted on Scribes Ink.:
A flickering candle lit the corner of a room, It warmed the only part -of the dark hidden tomb. None came to visit, none able to leave A bewitching curse, driven most captive to grieve. This flickering candle danced in the dark, It sung out in whispers -to lovers apart;…


Disclaimer: This has disturbing content (I do not condone or glorify this), therefore please read with caution, not suitable for young readers (18+) Sleep and you shall wake, Wake and you shall sleep. The day will soon be night, As night will soon be day. We’ll soon play… Still have your lock of hair. You […]

Echoes of our Souls

It slowly falters The presence we share Dips into recess That we’re not aware Wordless voids suffocates our air Your touch misses Embraces slips, distressing us bare Our parting sorrows -Undressing the melded core we’ve saved for ’morrow Pretence of how we’ve evolved -seals our bond, we soon follow. Hand in hand -wrapped souls grace […]


Watching your sleep caress -Caress your soul, bewitches… Bewitches me till I lose control -Control of lives entwined, Entwined in abyss of time -time to unlock fears, Fears formulating years. Years together -apart? Apart does not heal hurt hearts, Hearts to your soul and mine Mine to yours enrolled -enrolled embodied, owned -owned hypnotised, churned […]