Hourglass Frozen

How things bled when you left When you left, a hole just grew An empty carcass, misused Buried in the depths of you. A bleeding never to subside But carry on as a river flows The absence of you overwhelms As this deepest chasm grows. Hours stall as minutes freeze Through windows pane, I search […]

Fates Forbidden Proposal

I’ve got the collaboration bug (I really have -well, I’ve always had; but recently it’s been a honouring experience); as you all know, back in to the lead up to Halloween, me and Richard Ankers shared six dark collaborations for the spooky season, following that, I shared two collaborative pieces which I wrote with my […]

Echoes of our Souls

It slowly falters The presence we share Dips into recess That we’re not aware Wordless voids suffocates our air Your touch misses Embraces slips, distressing us bare Our parting sorrows -Undressing the melded core we’ve saved for ’morrow Pretence of how we’ve evolved -seals our bond, we soon follow. Hand in hand -wrapped souls grace […]

A Mistake

A mistake I think I made A mistake Which was right…I’m sure. A mistake I made…giving you up, A mistake, it was I didn’t know. A right mistake, It had to be, But it hurts my core Too much and more. A mistake I made Bringing you close, Binding our souls as each day transcended. […]