Broken Soul

On a sharp, thin blade I tread Wondering if I’ll ever mend Whispers clouding my mind Creating doubt in my sublime Sifting out my joy of life Filtering it with endless strife New obstacles replacing the old This was not the life I was sold My happy pill, now washed away Gathering rain for my […]

Sacrificed Vows

You left me, without a fight You left agreeing, this was right I watched you leaving I dare not chase For I know It’s not my place You’re crying You don’t want this But we both know This’ not promised bliss I forced this To do right…not wrong But how do we know If this […]

Forsaken Love

It’s all gone…I know The you The I The we… It’s all gone, just like it came The bubbling sunshine’s Now torrential rain. It’s all gone..I knew it would The you The I The we not could It’s all gone…our final song My love My heart I’m torn apart It’s all gone Gone Gone it […]

Suicide Stakes

On a precipice I stand Looking down, then up Searching for a path To enlighten, to shroud Mountains elevating me Valleys weighing me down I stand by a crevice (A dark slide going nowhere) Thunder clouds stirring, Silently waiting Ready to jump me Encourage me to free-fall One step either way My crash a high, […]

A Rose Bud

 As promised when I started this blog, here’s the first of my poems I wrote whilst a young adolescent (read my about page for more information); I am still unsure about sharing the actual images of the page it was written on, so I will not, until I decide otherwise (actually, please let me know […]

Paranoid Eyes?

Be careful of what you do You’re being watched Every second you move You’re being watched For every handshake, smile You’re being watched Your random surfing on the wire You’re being watched Public transports to CCTV You’re being watched Social networking, messaging You’re being watched Idly sitting at home You’re being watched Playing on your […]

Constantinople’s Istanbul

It’s who I am, and how I’ve evolved   A tale of two cities, from West to Eastwards   Two cultures mismatching in all ways but one   Both, too far apart, near distant shores   Bridging a gap which years have defied   Histories depicting many different traditions   Christian roots fled by the […]

My Lips are Sealed

It’s mine to tell (This secret of mine) But I’d rather keep it all inside. So I hide. I hide in corners of unused trails, Away from mainstream -Tucked in side-streets, Dusted paths, no one to greet. I walk alone, Strength my home -it’s who I trust When my sail’s at full mast. Ivory, silk […]

A Love-take Relationship

Give some hope Take it away Tease a little Build the haze Hold my hand Lock my heart For a short time Depart, That hope won’t last. Give some hope Secure my love Nurture it Caress it’s spark You’ve left…visible marks Surrender -I do, My part. Give some hope Take it away Tease a little […]

Forever Bright

Unsuspectingly it all began By the gentle lull of your hand Scribing words of worlds divine Invoking emotions which lay sound Caressing minds and souls …Just I…the one you own Enchanted by your inner beauty Your heart called out, claiming me completely No questions asked We both knew Universes conspired for us two An astral […]