It caves in The walls in my head, my lungs It caves in. My breath constricts Within my ribs, my throat, My breath constricts. It makes no sense The constant choices I have to make, It makes no sense. I fight the course My path is on, forced, I fight the course. My mind is […]

Lungs Restrict

Lungs restrict Try to breathe Lungs restrict Do not heave Irrational thoughts Why so many? Irrational thoughts One too many Heartbeats rise Hands taps sides Heartbeats rise Hands claws sides Take deep breaths Palpitations Take deep breaths Perspiration Clammy skin Hands holds head Clammy skin Head rocks hands Count to ten Paper bag Count to […]


When all seems to go well You crop up Holding me down Spreading your weight Choking me Restricting my lungs as I breathe As I try to breathe… You Entrap me into darkness Your deep darkness; I try to breathe Overriding the panic you unleash, I breathe Releasing a calm I need; A calm which […]