The Golden Gate

She left a light glow in her head
Hope she called it instead of dread
She adorned it with petals, feathers and ink
She dared not to let it slip, fall or blink;
and upon a ledge she perched real still
wondering how long it would break her will
knowing that every hill she climbed
a cliff, a mountain into sublime
she wondered if her fate prevails
despite the storms, rain and hails
what if it burst the bubble-wrapped?
And the light she nursed dimmed into black?

How could she cope?
How would she hope..?

Without thinking any-more
she let her will drop onto the floor
Allowing vultures to circle in
To peck and flesh out her mortal sins
and whilst she waited for her fate
light within her glimmered in haste
clamouring over her- picking up her will
beginning to lure (for fate to seal)
that is when the penny dropped,
the hope she nourished never lacked;
instead it embalmed her with life
with hope she ventured back to the light.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity


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