Lives Disillusioned 

How many promises can one soul take?
How many-
before they break?

Listen to the tear
can you hear the lies?
Whispers of together were mere goodbyes.

How many promises make up a lie?
How many-
before they die?

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity


5 thoughts on “Lives Disillusioned 

    • Heya Vic, I am good, just had a ‘bleh’ moment- so I did what I do best, dramatise it in a prose. 😁😇 Hope you are good too, how have you been?

      • Well im sorry you had that type of moment but im glad youre okay overall. Yeah ive been good, finished my first year of college and this summer im volunteering, taking a class, and i have an internship so im busy 😊

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