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A new collaboration I was fortunate to be part of. 🙂

Scribes Ink.


Hidden agendas – smoke screens and lies

Broaden your wars, chant freedom (watch as it dies).

Legislate away our rights and we’ll gratefully take scraps

Propagate fear, whilst we squabble over bric-a-brac.

Real issues are hurriedly pushed to one side

Whilst our big brother state grows even more wide-eyed.

The words of ‘YOUR’ media get stuck in my throat

We’ve become bitches – over which you reside and gloat.

Your political debate- an ever growing soap

how many episodes will you write to blind our hope?

A system overridden with secrets (apparently for our own good)

what hocus-pocus are you selling? What happened to all you stood?

Freedom is our choice, we are free to choose,

but what good is choice if we are lined up to lose?

Austerity you chirp- tell me who benefits from that?

Your obscure fairytale squashes the penniless flat.

Ulterior motives – con-men in disguise

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