Unravelled Lock

I left a paper on your desk
A few words
in detest,
I watched you hold it
I watched you read
Your face crumpled-
pain seared through me.

Upon my heart
you inscribed a key
and gently attached a lock to see
to why I wrote it
I could not tell-
to see your heart break like a shell?
No- that’s not the reason
not ever
it just hurts me when you dwell
why take forever to figure out-
if you and I should choose wedding bells…?
And thus upon this impatient quest
my tongue unravelled (not in jest)
I did not wish to unpick our lock
Nor did I choose you to mock,
I only wanted to bind us tightly
and entwine our hearts in time forthrightly.
I was not thinking
I could not see
my words would bring you to your knees.
I now know-
it’s clear as day
I did not wish to walk away…
I am your lock,
you are my key
together we’ll be
bound eternally.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity


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