Democratic Dictator

High up on your pedestal you sit
dictating to all- the speech you preach.
Hiding the details ‘we need not to know’
rushing the agendas you wish to sow.
Democratic votes- what good is that?
When it’s ethics and morals you truly lack.
Fracking our homes- is it really just?
We are telling you NO,
but you prefer to choose ‘go’.
Democratic votes?
Is that joke on us?
Are the ‘reforms’ you speak of- are referring to ‘us’?
I suppose it makes sense- this gagging you speak of,
us ordinary folks have no rights, no voice-
oh wait just a minute- what’s that you say?
If we line your pockets we will have plenty to say?
Why did you not say so- let us go rob a bank
(after all, it’s their mistakes we need to thank).

Democratic votes-
you mean democratic if wealthy.
So tell me…

What happens to those of us who’s not so money healthy?

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity.


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