Stagnating Lies

A curtain has drawn
it covers my eyes
blinding with roses
sweet candies float by.
Questions which surface
which tug at my gut
are overlaid with the glitter
I am willed to take part.
Seeking for truth
has never been tough
but the days which we live
are a danger,
and cuffs.
Those who’s in power
they knowledge abuse
filling their pockets-
and corporations of few.
Why do we let them?
Where is our fight?
Are we ridden with fear
that we fail to unite?
The shackles which condemns us
we must break free from,
our power’s within us
if only we can overcome;
raising our voices
and acting in turn
needs not to be violent
or a fear ridden tool.
If we will not stop this,
these greed which upholds
those in power, will never reform.
A curtain has drawn,
it covers our eyes
blinding with false hopes,
covering cries;
scarlet, our rivers
of innocent young souls,
to whom we are leaving
this war-torn world?

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity


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