Heavens’ Words or Hells?

Speech is free,
I will it to be true,
but it is not…

You see,
society has rules,
some abide by it,
some abuse…


There’s topics galore
but do take care not to bore
for some are off limits
and you really must be with it
because if you open up the tin
you commit a ghastly sin
it matters not that you are pure
that topic you must ignore
because the freedom of speech
changes at every spin of the wheel
you can be a sinner or a saint
be in heaven or at hells gate
should you choose to open your vocal cords
watch which door favours the lords
for you always have to sit
between the angels and the pit
and be careful of your words
they bring lava to others’ joy
it matters not which side of the coin
or which bench you are sitting
and those that are on the fence
will sway either way
just be sure of your chosen cause
or with one snap, you will lose your oars.

Speech is free you say?
You best hope it’s your lucky day.

~ Copyright ©yikici 2015-infinity


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