Fates’ Seal

Falling in circles
diameters expand,
a spinning top whirling-
at whose command?
Steps to enlightenment,
drop with each girth of the wheel;
freedom is sold
with reigns which are concealed.
Sinking in quicksand,
a hand grasps tight,
pulling- yet pushing,
deceiving our plights.
Free to be living.
Is that really true?
Or perhaps ’tis our show,
one on which we sink and we seal…

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014-infinity


7 thoughts on “Fates’ Seal

    • Heya Vic, I know I’ve been very elusive, I stepped away from online stuff for a while, trying to get my life in shape, I’m still working at it, but I think old age is catching up with me. 😳 All in all, I’m ok. How are you? How’s college life treating you? I hope you’re enjoying it. 💖✨

      • I understand…are you still seeing that guy? I’m sorry but I forget his name…college is great, thank you! I got an internship already! I also may get another internship for the spring semester…I feel like I’m starting to find a direction I want to go with my life.

    • Heya John, thank you kindly for your lovely words, I’m good, just sidetracked in life and need to organise my time better, time management is not my best feature lol. How have you been? Hope much better. ☺️✨

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