Silken Shackles

Lost in the dark, tangled in silken threads
a tender voice, yarns a delicate dream;
promising rejoicing hearts,
promising soul healing deals.
Lost in the dark, silken threads tangle,
binding blinded beaus
silencing their fears,
in place,
rose-tinted glasses adorns,
camouflaging ill human gains;
lost in the dark, enlightening threads twine,
shackles taken willingly,
manacles not seen for what they are,
rose-tinted glasses,
fluffy pink clouds
questions suppressed,
Lost in silken threads, the dark encompassing,
the dark discolouring all they know;
exchanged for hearts,
swapped to soothe souls.
Lost in the dark, the silken threads tangle,
silken noose hangs,
voluntarily hung
by consuming contracts,
To forget,
to see not.
The price, costly
turning eyes blind;
lost in the dark, silken threads tangle,
twist and skew.
Lost in the dark, are you?

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014-infinity

*Image Source: Unknown


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