Salvation Reigns

I have been fortunate to write with John again, you can find him over at JMC813, please do pop by and check out his writings, he’s a real talent, and a pleasure to team up with and collaborate.   I do hope you enjoy this piece, as it is something which is close to my heart as well as John’s.  Enjoy. 🙂

resurrection_of_gaia -billelis-deviantart

It comes with a swiftness and severity unwelcomed,
as a thief in the night would steal away your dreams.
The sting of existence, accompanied by cloudy visions,
as reality and perception become cruel hallucinations.

Confused with what’s real and what’s mirror reflections,
gunned down by our failings, achievements forgotten.
What Hell has been stumbled upon?
To where is the light?
Heaven dissipating, under this tiring, dire fight.

Never ending struggle, for control of mind and emotion;
an assault, the likes of which only few will ever know,
bloodshed invisible to the eye, and silent is the battlefield,
price we pay to wage this war,
is sanity,
at such heavy tolls.

Engulfed by emotions- erratic, too weary,
borderline disorders playing tug-of-war with our thoughts.
Glimmer of hopes- dashed by loss of faith in ourselves;
us warriors, downtrodden-
this muffled fight ensues to shroud our very souls’.

Warrior souls we may be, yet we struggle with an urge to give in,
falling to earth, laying still as the ravages of battle claim us,
yet something deeper clings to hope,
there is still strength to fight;
this inherent will to survive, and a determination to see
better days ahead.

Salvation seeks souls, those battered and weary,
kindling bruised minds, promising light;
loosening clasps, which once held on so tightly,
air filtering into ribs, where lungs desperately clung.

Ungodly weight lifted, from demon burdened shoulders,
as oppressions’ evil grasp, begins to lose its vicious grip.
Warily we move ahead lighter of step, but cautious even still
whilst the warmth of optimism, sheds light on darkened past.

From a spring-loaded clasp trap, we escape unknowingly-
while the fight which plagues us, whittles away…
Strong hands-
which welded our shoulders in quicksand,
gently uplifts us,
brushing the dark debris,

New-found peace, discovered in gentle grasp of Angelic protection,
A gloriously enlightening vision, exists everywhere to behold.
We must remain in this frozen moment,
of magnificent self realization;
as the light shed will ensure, that our demons be forever held
at bay.

– Copyright © JMC813 & yikici. 2014-infinity.

*Image sourced through: Amid Night Suns.


28 thoughts on “Salvation Reigns

  1. This is a Brilliant collaboration 🙂 John’s work is extremely powerful and Yours is gentle, lovely, creating a very effective and beautiful verse 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much Morgan, such a humbling comment; yes John’s work is just amazing, and full of power and strength, it’s always fun collaborating with him, I always learn heaps. I’m really glad you liked it. 🙂

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