Thorns in Our Hearts

Do roses weep, knowing we’re apart?
Does their thorns prick -our very torn hearts?
Do the heavens pour, breaking river banks?
Do the holding dams, burst overflowing its tanks?
Do your thoughts align -with mine, in the absence of time?
When you close your eyes, do you feel our lasting sublime?
Do clouds hold in greys, not letting out the rain?
Do thunder storms bolster and enhance your hidden pain?
Will sunshine seep through, diffuse greys with its rays?
Will the hope of a dove, exhaust many mislays?
Tender words which you spoke, are they no longer a worth?
Letting voids fill our hearts; do we forget past mirth’s?
Do you hear our sweet music, playing strings of a harp?
Do the mountains we climb, have many paths which are scarp?
Am I insane -for a love full of pain?
Or will you return, pick-up and remain?

~ Copyright ©yikici. 14.09.2013-infinity


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