Time does not Wait


She sits with tears softly streaming
Gushing in torrents, her pain never easing
Was it a waste?
Her young tender age?
Was all of her living trashed in the rat race?
Her head droops a little
Forlorn to the winds
Her silky soft skin weathered in storms
Disease caught her slowly
She was not aware,
Her youth slipped on by her,
She just watched and stared
Time not a healer
An enemy -in path
She glanced at her life
-to the aftermath
What laid -she did see
Did not warm her heart
For she lay there too crooked
With hearts torn apart
No love in her soul
(Was torn years ago)
She kept up appearance
(Pretended no matter)
But the ache in her heart
Built each day and each night
Serrated nerves quicker -than ever before
She glanced at the clock
Time had flew by
The once young eaglet
No longer in flight
A tightrope she walks
Too thin and too high
She glides just a little
Before slipping to die
Tumours in vision
Blinding her path
As the tears trickle slowly
She drops off her mask
Years she had wasted
Time caught her up
Now a wisher for a past, (which no longer lasts)
End of her days
Unexpected, did come
Her wonder years forgotten
As cancer took home.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 15.09.2013

*Image sourced through: Does Anyone Care What I Write?


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