Contrite Heart


In a fleeting moment
I thought,
‘what if?’-
could it be true- like a lovers kiss?

Like a cloudless sky
on a starry night-
like wave-free seas
in thunderstorms;
a cyclone chasm-
filled my breaking heart,
willing it to rise
to just rip it out-
enjoying the tension
as it flays my seams,
digging that deeper
erupting new scenes.
A bag of contradictions
riveting me in
swirling my soul into ‘what might have been’
unearthing a knot
which I tied to my heart-
a little bit loose
though secured to the mast,
willing for freedom
but noosed to a dream-
of could have,
or what have,
or might have beens…

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014.

Image sourced from: Heise on DeviantArt.


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