Angels Dancing

20140411-231841.jpgI catch my breath as I catch your eye
my hands caress down to your thigh
I hold you close, bringing you near
as i whisper gently ‘I love you dear’

I hold your gaze,
But graze your thighs,
Our love revealed by lust in our eyes,
Your fingers close, I draw my breath,
Our bodies exposed,
No barriers left

it makes no sense to run and hide
when all we want is to abide
our fingers trace what we wish to seal
our hearts abridge our souls to deal

We roll as one, the dance begins,
Angel atop me, resplendent wings,
Her heart is mine, stitched into my own,
A physical union, a simultaneous moan

bodies connecting as our souls’ melding
mystical rivers in eyes who’s commanding
I’m eternally bound to the composer of my heart
my dance is for you as our bodies wrap in delight

~ Copyright ©yikici & J. 2013 –
(A Collaboration)


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