Ashes of my Soul

Unknown seas travelled
On distant shores I wake.
A bitter pill swallowed
As a new day breaks;
Holding me captive
On isolated terrains;
Where once you were sun-kissed skin
My soul, burnt bright through ashes gone…
A haunted trail left
After-taste too bitter to take
Yet here I am,
No longer yours.
Of what may have been;
Rendering me spoils-
of a war long gone,
of battles chased,
of victories taken,
of sweet souls surrendered…
Your once
and then possibly maybes,
Long forgotten
Left, buckled,
Under scorching rays-
Unrelenting in it’s torture,
Stripping back everything,
Leaving a barren soul,
Barren lands.
No longer yours
Or mine.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2014.


15 thoughts on “Ashes of my Soul

  1. This was beautiful yet heart gripping my friend. It is good to see you here again. I have missed you. I hope you have been okay. Hope to see you around a bit more often. Be well and keep Inspiring Oz. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Oh John, you always leave lovely comments, thank you. I’m terribly sorry about my absence, I’m just trying to sort a few things out, and I think I’m getting lost elsewhere. I’ve missed you too, you know you can give me a nudge every-so-often (if I go quiet) right? I’ll try and catch-up with what you’ve been writing soon, hope you’ve been ok?

      • I have been okay. Lots of crazy changes going on and it has shown up a bit in my writing. Both in content and lack of frequency. I am glad you are okay and hope you get things sorted out. Sounds like we are on similar journeys at the moment. Be well my friend and I will catch up with you again soon.

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