Forsaken Love

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It’s all gone…I know
The you
The I
The we…
It’s all gone, just like it came
The bubbling sunshine’s
Now torrential rain.
It’s all gone..I knew it would
The you
The I
The we not could
It’s all gone…our final song
My love
My heart
I’m torn apart
It’s all gone
Gone it has,
Our aching hearts,
did us two wrongs
It’s all gone
Goodbye my love
I swore to protect our secret hearts
It’s all gone
The us
The we
The our
Now only
We are just
It’s all gone
This world was not meant for you and me
It’s all gone
This life not ours
In another realm
Stars will be ours
It’s all gone
My eternal flame
I need to say goodbye again
It’s all gone
I must believe
My captured heart, please do release
It’s all gone
Still chained to you
Forever distant
Forever near
It’s all gone
My life anew
How can I leave when I know hearts bleed?
It’s all gone
It’s for the best
Two separate lives could not contain
It’s all gone
We knew it would
The you
The I
The we
Just me
It’s all gone
Just like it came
Bubbling sunshine
Now eternal pain.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: DeviantArt.


17 thoughts on “Forsaken Love

  1. we are thought to believe, often mistakenly, that love is ours to keep, big mistake, love is what we share with another, or many, if we try to possess it, it possess’s us, so if it moves on, it’s just an opportunity to create some more, and if we are using wisdom to guide us, it will only be better next time. too often, society,media, friends, or enemies, love to remind us of our loss, loving people never do that, or those that hang onto pain, sometimes prefer to be victims, as they say, you’ll never be short of friends, but you’ll never grow either, amen

    • Beautiful wise words, I totally agree with you, you are right in everything you say on this matter, and normally I think like that, it’s just that I’ve had a tough day with my thoughts…but thank you for reminding me, this is the time to create more love. x

  2. Like the hour glass structure, as you words repeat as if like sand when the glass is tipped. Sorry you have been hurting, we have all travelled the road that you are on, it’s not pretty, it’s a knife twisted in your gut & there never seems a way to stop it, until days, months pass when you find your head space a little clearer. Love will come again, you just need to let it and pain will be released along the way by writing. Hang in there Oz. xxxxx

    • Thank you Jenny, you are right, it’s just difficult to focus on the positives when all you feel is pain…but I need to let love back into my life, I’ll try not to think of what’s gone, and try to see it as a new refreshing start…sending you hugs for just being a lovely soul..thank you. x

  3. Bone crushingly sad, wow. What wonderful reasoning in the valley of pain. I am hesitant to comment on form, but the way you’ve laid this out lends a sense of hopeless finality, and slowly gathers pace like falling plate ready to shatter on queue. Wow, God bless you soul. wow.

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