Suicide Stakes

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On a precipice I stand
Looking down, then up
Searching for a path
To enlighten, to shroud
Mountains elevating me
Valleys weighing me down
I stand by a crevice
(A dark slide going nowhere)
Thunder clouds stirring,
Silently waiting
Ready to jump me
Encourage me to free-fall
One step either way
My crash a high, or spent
Will my ledge save me
Or will it enslave..?

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: DeviantArt.


9 thoughts on “Suicide Stakes

    • I’m ok, just having one of those days where I just want a cuddle…but it’ll pass. Glad you liked it, and as I said to Richard, this poem is not reflective of my mood, just experimental writing. Sorry if I have caused any concern. x

  1. decisions faced, that at times hard to make. Thoughts ~ being on the precipice ~trying to make sense of everything ~ then the sun may shine ~ or a thought will change your point of view ~ glad you are ok and this is merely ‘writing’ oh and {{hugs}}

    • Thank you Jenny, really appreciate the hugs and kind comment…it’s a difficult mindset to have, and people do not understand this process at all, I’m fascinated by how our brains work, I should have studied neuroscience at university. lol

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