My Lips are Sealed

It’s mine to tell
(This secret of mine)
But I’d rather keep it all inside.
So I hide.
I hide in corners of unused trails,
Away from mainstream
-Tucked in side-streets,
Dusted paths, no one to greet.
I walk alone,
Strength my home
-it’s who I trust
When my sail’s at full mast.
Ivory, silk skin in your eyes;
But I’m tainted with scars etched within and outside.
Visible ink leaves it’s marks
-Undressed, my canvas’ aghast.
I can barely look
-So how can you…
For this pure reason I must pass.
Shadowed memories fill my past,
You stare
I’m leaving, leaving the hurt,
The angst, the pain, the dirt…
I don’t want you to see
-What lies within and out.
I don’t want you to see
-The torments I doubt.
I shout
I cry
I lie
I hide
I don’t want you to see the secrets I abide.
Forever yours,
My lips are sealed
-Try, but you cannot un-peel -what I won’t reveal…

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~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

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22 thoughts on “My Lips are Sealed

    • Why thank you, your comment made me smile…I wrote this as part of a challenge I took part in whilst I was on Opuss, and part of is taken from real life, part of it woven in to make the piece as it is…I’m really happy to hear it’s created some intrigue. 🙂

  1. I often pick out lines that bring the whole piece home to me and the below are they.

    I hide in corners of unused trails,
    Away from mainstream
    -Tucked in side-streets,
    Dusted paths, no one to greet.

    This is a raw write as your tag shows, your talents has no bounds.

    • Oh Jenny…I’m stumbling for words, thank you so much for your humbling comments, I often feel like a very tiny pebble in a vast clear ocean, and your comment has given me a little hope that maybe I’m onto something, thank you, you’ve just made my day. x

      • good things come in small packages 🙂 ~ credit where credit is due ~ nothing more ~ nothing less. You are most welcome ~ I am a firm believer in supporting and encouraging and you do have a beautiful talent. Stand tall lovely, out of those waves. x

      • Now I’m speechless…thank you Jenny, that means the world to me, I’ll try, but I’m only ickle -at 5 foot tall exactly lol

        I just had a thought…I keep thinking you’re all the way across the pond in the US…I hope you’ve slept and rested… x

      • Smiles – No, I am in Australia Melbourne- Victoria a little treed spot called Ferntree Gully. You are right though – I do need to sleep and rest it’s after 11pm now and my bed is calling me. Pfft at 5 feet – stature means nothing when words are within 😉 x

      • Oooo you’re on the OTHER side of the world lol sounds like a lovely place…and you are right, I’ve got to remember that, thank you, and the sweetest dreams to you. x

    • Thank you for you kind words..if we cannot be passionate about what we do, then what is there to be passionate about? And secrets are best kept to oneself..if shared, it’s no longer a secret lol

      And I’m chuffed that the artsy feel comes across, all the other blog themes just did not sit right wit me, so I went with this theme, it adds to the posts and images I use, so I’m very happy, though, I leave my original artwork on my official creative/writers blog 🙂

      Thank you kindly for stopping by and leaving a lovely, heart-warming comment. x

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