Forever Bright

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Unsuspectingly it all began
By the gentle lull of your hand
Scribing words of worlds divine
Invoking emotions which lay sound
Caressing minds and souls
…Just I…the one you own
Enchanted by your inner beauty
Your heart called out, claiming me completely
No questions asked
We both knew
Universes conspired for us two
An astral path, mapped out for us
Our journey inked with Phoenix quills
Our fires burning bright yet shrouded
From ashes new paths defining
Each one another tougher climb
Jagged edges, not smooth stone lime
No matter what, your lure’s too enticing
Mountain’s just mere molehills becoming
Nothing phases
Two stars at night
Forever climbing
Forever bright.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: Pinterest.


12 thoughts on “Forever Bright

    • That image was a surprise find, when I saw it, I knew it made perfect sense with the poem, only thing lacking was an extra shining star. lol

      Really happy you liked this piece, this one’s a little close to my heart. 🙂

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