Ocean Blues

I have been truly blessed with collaborations these past few weeks, so many gifted writers I have had the pleasure of working alongside, and today, I’d like to introduce Vic of Unzip these Lips to you all (pop by and say hello to her 🙂 ); I met Vic on Opuss (a writing app), and had not had a chance to duet with her till now, it’s been a delightful experience, I do hope you enjoy the poem as much as we have had fun writing it… x

Unzip These Lips


Deep under the ocean blue

On a sandy bed of you

Star-lights pierces through

Illuminating the murky hue.

There’s nowhere I’d rather be

Than looking out to sea

As you sit here with me

Enjoying each other’s company.

Waves bubbling above the surface

Twilight glistening its curves

Side by side we’re sitting

On oceans bed so fitting.

When I look at you I can’t breathe

And I really wish I didn’t have to leave

But I must, so for my last wish

I would like one more memorable kiss

Under this moon, under these stars

glistening on these waves

caressing the ocean bed

and where we simply lay.

© 2013 Yikici and VicRomero

«thank you Yikici for collaborating with me…please check out her blog, it’s truly fantastic»

*image from google

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