In Remembrance

I still remember her claws digging in, twisting my skin.

I still remember her roar, ill-abuse words, knocking me in.

I still remember her smirk, daring me to speak -just to think.

I still remember her eyes, ripping into my core, shredding my being.

I still remember her promise, a knife-fuelled killing -if I failed to to play homage.

I still remember her remorse, broken, torn -yet still ‘that’ woman.

~ Copyright © yikici 2013


8 thoughts on “In Remembrance

    • Thank is me writing about things I was reflecting on at the time, I had a difficult childhood, depending on how I feel, I’ll share more, but it’s all dependent on my mood…some things are still very sensitive for me. ✨

      • Thank you Jenny, I appreciate that very much. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived through it and survived, and sharing it may help others too, so I share..then other times I think, how much of me should I really share? So I step back a little..but you are right, when the times right, I will share, till then, we’ll wait and see.

      • sharing or presenting can be a healing process, but it also will put you back to the situation and bring up unwanted memories and feelings. If are some are too painful – perhaps look at re-working, knowing what you will now write will be approached with a stronger mind? x

      • I’ll try…but it often feels like I’m writing as me now, not then..but I may be getting dragged into the part without realising it..Thank you Jenny, you’ve got me thinking now. ☺️✨

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