Wings to Heaven

High on a scaffolding I stand
Looking up, I reach out with both hands,
What will it take to reach for the skies?
To fly with the clouds to see the sunlight?
To see heavens eyes?

I’m standing as high, as high I can be
Reaching upwards, wishing birds would wing me
Icarus feathers would I gladly take
Though I’d calculate to not make his mistakes.
Heaven I’d forsake.

I carelessly look down in my attempt to dream
My vertigo kicks -my heads all a spin
Who was I kidding, wishing to fly?
When all I can do -is cry when I’m high.
Heaven, I wish you goodbye.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


10 thoughts on “Wings to Heaven

    • Thank you for your inspiring words, I understand the value of love, and I share what I can with those around me, just some days it’s difficult..but I will take in your kind words and do my best to keep love flowing.

      • we are encouraged to own as much as possible, you can’t own love, it’s an emotion that flows if allowed to, it’s why little children shine

      • That makes sense, and I can see why, we have been brought up to believe love to be attainable, where in fact, it’s always within us to set free and roam…thank you for reminding me of this.

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