Souls in the Sky

Image sourced from:

Soaring, fluttering
His eyes all too welcoming
Melding souls as one.

Was it a mirage?
Oasis of longing hearts?
Wrapping, binding two.

Rapture burns two hearts
Comets spark -they fly by fast
Twinkling in night sky.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013

*Image sourced from: Naiv-Art.


5 thoughts on “Souls in the Sky

  1. Touching piece. Glad to see new work from you. I myself have been suffering a crisis of creativity the last few days. Hopefully it will break soon, and a dawn of imagination will shine down from heavens above upon my meager motivation for the written word.

    • Aww is that why you’ve been quiet? I’m pretty sure it won’t last and you’ll be writing again in no time at all..take a deep breath and just let the first few words roll off you tongue and onto the page/screen…(and thank you, glad you liked this, it’s a special poem, close to my heart). ✨

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