Eternity Shared

This is one of my first collaborations, ever, it was not intended as one; I got roped into taking part in an acrostic challenge, the challenge host wanted a steamy piece and gave us a few words to choose from, so this is what I wrote with my love, J (for anonymities sake, I have chosen not to share J’s name) .  To this day, J, is still part of my heart and soul; but I have to let him go for reasons I cannot share.  I just wanted -no, needed to say a final goodbye to him, and this piece seemed an apt way to part ways.  Our first and now our last…

J. I’ll love you always. x

Mature content follows, I advice 16+ readers only, apologies:

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Sensual strokes across silken skin
Tantalising our
Inner cores within,
Melding together
Undressing hearts,
Levitating our bodies under
Ambient lights.
Tongues caressing lips
-Interlocking with tongues,
Nibbling on earlobes and
Gasping through lungs,

Attractions getting heady
Rapturous delights,
Our bodies contort
Under hedonistic delights.
Slight of our hands
Arouse cloudy minds,
Lingering kisses

Feels around,
Offering our bodies to other
Realms, emotions too much it overwhelms.

Sating desires,
Abandoning to lust,
Two souls entwining,
In each other we trust,
Soft, breathless arousal,
Fiery passion born of wills
Consummating, naked love overspills,
Teasing seductions,
Intimacy found,
Our spirits, and
Now bodies, are eternally bound.

~ Copyright ©yikici & J. 24.06.2013.

(Spell out the first letters of each line.)

*Image sourced from: Pinterest.


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