Mind’s Pressed

Image sourced from: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs45/f/2009/109/3/c/depression_by_3rd3m.jpg

It takes from you,
Plays mind games
It lulls you in
To make-believe,
It corrupts minds
Abstains truths
It distorts visions
Dashes hopes
It scavenges hearts
Rips them apart,
It numbs souls,
Empty cores
It messes you
Strips you down
Your being lost
Your Essence gone,
It takes from you,
Plays mind games
It lulls you in
To make-believe,

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013.

(Thoughts on depression, well a depressive mind.)

*Image sourced from: DeviantArt.

**Sharing this through the Open Link Night over at dVerse; why don’t you pop by and join in too? 😉


25 thoughts on “Mind’s Pressed

  1. Yes, I think depression is like that…it definitely lulls you in. Really like your style in this. The singular words really stand add emphasis in the piece. Also, I sent you an email…I got your comment on my piece, but had a problem when I tried to approve it. So sorry, but thank you so much for your wonderful words (I was able to read it in my email) 🙂

    • It certainly is like this for me…thank you for your humbling comment, I’m glad you like it. And no worries about the problem with my comment, I know sometimes these can be tricky…I’ve not received your email though, where did you send it?

  2. This is seductive in its draw…like the gloom of depression, pulling the reader in and under , words so lovely , pain so devouring. a marvelous amalgamation 🙂

    • Thank you Alex, your words mean a lot to me, I too suffer from depression, so it’s a subjective view from my point of view, but if it feels universal, then I am truly happy, thank you.

  3. I have a little personal experience here and you found the perfect prose and descriptions. I like the repetititives and the adverbs used liberally. The phrase “Make believe, Maybe” really grabbed my attention. Thank you for sharing.

    • No Deborah, thank you for your lovely and humbling comment; I do hope your personal experience becomes a thing of the past, I’d hate for it to stay with you for long…and you’re most welcome, really glad you enjoyed reading this piece.

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