Shattered Time

I wish I had a time-machine
I’d follow you in time
I’d pretend like we’ve just met
Once (not a million time)
The first would be a little bump
(As you’re rushing by)
Politely I’d apologise
And part a warming smile
Then next we meet
I’d hold your gaze, with a knowing look
I’d let our souls speak silently
Then I’d pretend to read a book
Each time we meet
I’d let you feel, like you are the one in charge
I’d not ever knowingly, stamp out your manly pride
These, I’d do lovingly, for you are my truest love
Years I’d follow willingly, until you work it out
That you and I forever be
Trapped in shattered time
And I am silently mending all that is mine.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


7 thoughts on “Shattered Time

  1. Amazing piece here Oz. I LOVE it………I wish you had that time machine too. Subtle manipulation of both time and man’s weakness for the fairer sex. Romantically penned my friend
    Keep Inspiring

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