Perfect Fit

Of my lock, you have a key
It’s all yours eternally
Doesn’t matter how far you are
My soul you’ve captured, totally
Even if fate leads you astray
You won’t be blinded
Or prolong your stay
And even if our planet crumbles
From out the sky
Stars will tumble
Paving our paths with light
To find our home in cold, dark nights.
For I’m your lock, and you’re my key
A perfect fit, eternally.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013


30 thoughts on “Perfect Fit

  1. That reaction was a combination of two things Oz. First, I was stunned at how good the write was, and second, I am just in a crazy playful mood so pretty much anything could spring from my mind right now. Hence that comment. LOL. And I do know I am worthy but you set the bar VERY HIGH my friend.
    Keep Inspiring

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