Harsh Realities…

On a cold, tarnished path I have to wake

acknowledging my life was not in vain

on this path

brave I must be

for the challenge is far greater than I envisioned it

not knowing how you will greet

not knowing of what the past years you’d dictate

would you leave it all to rest

or dig up the dirt for a pitiless victory

gaining back the power you always wanted

holding my youth hostage to your loss

forever hunting

forever taunting

will you ever let it be

will you be the parent you should have been

or will I, the child, stand up to that role?

could you take it -hear my voice?

will you listen to what you’ve cost?


your eye’s speak of another world

too distant



years have challenged your thoughts

innocence reprimanded

living in your own hollocaust

delusions have grown taller


reason no longer an option

though it never was

I just hoped,

I just wished,

that maybe, just maybe

one day

we both would see

how these wasted years, not been kind to us

not favoured either

how we are in fact the losers in this life

how mother and daugher complete strangers

one who trembles, the other reigns


blood ties detached

compassion can no longer heal

never did

never will.

~ Copyright ©yikici.  2013



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