Perception at Sea

How effectively do we see?
Can you see the hidden me?
When I smile
Do you see my mask?
When not looking
You see my glance?
How effective can you see?
Take a look at your surrounding sea
That reaching hand
Is that to help?
Keep looking now
It’s a crying yelp.
And who’s to say that beggar’s poor?
His heart may be richer than those indoors
It’s all just a state of perception
A mere looking-glass reflection
Of what you see beyond the sea
Of these people,
You and me.

~ Copyright ©yikici. 2013



8 thoughts on “Perception at Sea

  1. sweet words, we judge too easily, i guess it makes us feel better having someone to blame, when children lack a smile it should be a warning to all, it used to be, thanks

    • How very true, we lose sight of these things, so causght up in our own little world, we forget there’s a world surrounding us which needs our attention, or that we need to look that bit further to see what is really there, a closer inspection than our initial first glance.

    • Thank you Richard, really glad it does, I was actually write it a bit longer, with a few mor examples, but lost my train of thought, I’m pleased it’s still not lost it’s flow because of it.

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