The Ice Moon

This is a poem I wrote a while back, hope you enjoy the read.


Scribes Ink.

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The lake freezes, as the moon rises

-It happens every year.

Not the blue moon

-the ice moon;

Moon of the ice ages.

Hypnotic it is,

It pulls you in;

At the lake you falter,

Before you set to swim.

The last was Ophelia

-Oh that sweet soul.

Lost her mind to Hamlet

-Was too much to take.

The ice moon called to her,

With every step she took.

Set her path alight,

Till she clamoured at sight.

The cool water stunned her,

The moon glistened in

-Turning liquids to solid,

Her body fracturing.

Frozen in the moment,

Set as if asleep.

The moon of the ice age

-Made Ophelia it’s queen.

As the moon rises, the lake freezes still;

Ophelia encased in ice, waiting for her King.


~ Copyright ©yikici.  10.05.2013

Image sourced from: DeviantArt

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